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Agatha Christie Mysteries

 Where to start?

Where to start

If you're new to Christie's works and want to know which book to read first - it all depends! Do you like female sleuths? - then try Murder at the Vicarage - featuring Miss Jane Marple - the unassuming spinster with a mind like a steel trap. If you prefer your detectives male (and egotistical Belgians in particular) then Hercule Poirot is your man - start with The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Christie's first novel) or the ground-breaking The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Other Christie gems include The ABC Murders (serial killing with a difference), Cat Among the Pigeons (murder at an elite girls' boarding school), And Then There Were None (10 strangers doomed to die on an island) and Five Little Pigs (was a mother hanged for murder, innocent?)

But the best way to enjoy Christie is to find your own favourites - and then discuss them with fellow fans. Why not download the complete chronological list of Christie's novels and short story collections and check off what you've already read?

We look forward to meeting you in the Book Club forum where you can let us know what you think.

 Featured stories
And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Ten people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invited to a lonely mansion on Soldier Island by a host who, surprisingly, fails to appear.

Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on the Orient Express

Travelling on the Orient Express, Poirot is approached by a desperate American. Afraid that someone plans to kill him, Ratchett asks Poirot for help ...

The Murder at the Vicarage
The Murder at the Vicarage

When the thoroughly unpleasant Lucius Protheroe is found dead, there is no shortage of suspects with a motive for murder ...

Agatha Christie's House

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Mousetrap History

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap
The Mousetrap

For the last 38 years the St Martin's has been the home of The Mousetrap, more than half of its record breaking run!

On 25th November 2012 The Mousetrap will celebrate its 60th Birthday, a Diamond Jubilee. Agatha Christie’s great play has been thrilling audiences from around the world for as long as HRH Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne.

During this phenomenal 60 year run there have been no fewer than 403 actors and actresses appearing in the play, 124 miles of shirts have been ironed and over 426 tons of ice cream sold.

Certificate for Guinness world record

Some cast members are in the Guinness Book of Records, David Raven as the 'Most Durable Actor' for 4575 performances as Major Metcalf, and the late Nancy Seabrooke for a record breaking 15 years as an understudy.

The Mousetrap first entered the record books many years ago on 12th April 1958 when it became the longest running show of any kind in the history of British Theatre.

In 2000 the set was replaced for the first time during the run at St Martin's Theatre, still to the same design as the original. This task was completed over a weekend without the loss of a performance.

For questions relating to the history of The Mousetrap, casting and general Mousetrap enquiries please write to the production supervisor, Denise Silvey

St Martin's Theatre, West Street, London, WC2H 9NZ